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Meet our Medical Student, Megan Pate!

Milton Family Medical Practice is committed to training the doctors of tomorrow as an accredited teaching practice for the University of

Wollongong. All members of our Practice will enjoy the opportunity to

pass on their skills and knowledge and are committed to providing a

high-quality training experience for students in a safe and friendly

working environment.

Megan Pate, a third-year medical students from the University will be attached to our Practice during her academic year, starting in late July 2019.

Megan hails from Melbourne and has previously studied both Medical and Forensic Sciences in Australia and overseas. In her spare time she enjoys travel, surfing, diving and kite surfing.

Megan will work in conjunction with the doctors in the Practice as a valuable part of her postgraduate training.

As a patient, you will be informed beforehand and asked for your consent to have Megan participate during consults with your usual GP.

If you do not wish a student to participate in your consultation, please advise your GP or Reception so that you can see your GP alone. Your cooperation in this area is important and much appreciated by students and GPs alike.

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