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We listened to you… and are improving patient care!

We listened to you… and are improving patient care

At Milton Family Medical Practice and South Coast Skin Cancer Clinic we carried out a patient feedback survey in early 2022 and asked for your honest opinions on the service we provide.

We listened to your concerns and have taken the following actions in order to make improvements to our patients’ access and care where you felt it would be most useful:

What you told us

What we have done

1. Phone contact with Milton Family Practice is difficult

· We have recognised that this is an issue and we have hired more administrative staff to address this

· We have upgraded our phone system which has helped streamline incoming call procedures

· We have added additional phone lines to allow more incoming calls

2. Knowing which building to go to

· For Doctors that are regularly in the 141 building, we have added the address to the confirmation text reminder

· If this changes or there is a Doctor in this building that is not routinely we have additional administrative staff available to call and notify all patients by phone or SMS

3. Waiting times can be too long.

· This has been discussed and all administrative staff will advise patients on arrival estimated wait times.

4. Patient scripts to the pharmacy

· We have created a log of prescriptions collected by the pharmacy that we can refer back to and advise date and who collected

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