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Every single day, around 51 Australians die from heart disease.

If you are aged 45 or above (30 or above for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians) and have NOT had a heart attack or stroke, then you are eligible for a Medicare-funded Heart Health Check performed by your doctor.

A Heart Health Check educates you about your risk factors for heart disease and assesses your likelihood of suffering a heart attack or stroke in the next five years.

The appointment usually involves having your blood pressure and cholesterol level measured and having a chat to your doctor about what you eat, your physically activity and smoking status, as well as other risk factors for heart disease like your personal and family health history.

Most importantly though, a Heart Health Check allows your doctor to work with you to manage your risk factors to improve your heart health.

You can learn more about risk factors for heart disease on the Heart Foundation website at:

Don’t miss a beat – Call us now to book in your Heart Health Check!

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