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Chronic Disease Management

Our team of doctors and nurses offer tailored treatment options and support for your chronic health problems. Chronic health issues generally last for more than 6 months, which means that this might have a significant impact upon your life. 

Regular follow up on continuity of care are essential, especially for problems like diabetes mellitus, respiratory and cardiac problems as well as cancer and neurological illnesses, such as MS or Parkinsons's disease.

We aim to provide you with long-term support that you need to manage and treat your chronic health problems. Our team is very experienced in specialised areas including aged care and its complex care needs, musculoskeletal medicine and preventative medicine.

We like to think that we include a style of medicine that looks at ways in which your overall lifestyle, nutrition and physical activities contribute to your overall wellness. This is of course also in combination with best-practice medical treatment.

Our nursing staff assist us in chronic care management planning and might give you a call to review and assess treatment in conjunction with your doctor.

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